Why Care-Riing

Always available for a pleasant conversation
Care-Riing is specially developed for people in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease living in a care home. Dementia is a complex disease, where the need for safety and reassurance can continually be present through a conversation with a known person.

Using the newest technology
Speech technology is all around us: Siri on your smartphone or smart speakers like Google home. Care-Riing is a smart interactive answering machine, which contains pre-recorded sentences by a family member. Memories one likes to hear or talk about, answers to questions, all enhancing their mood. By using speech recognition and our algorithm, we play the right recording at the right time. This results in a simulated telephone conversation with a close family member.

For moments you can't be there
In addition to existing calls and visits, Care-Riing enables families to extend the support to their family members in this difficult phase of their life. This conversation improves their well-being by sharing family memories and answering the same questions over and over again. A phone call can really help during the difficult moments when Altzheimer's patients feel anxious, bored or lonely. ‘ My voice, our memories. Available when she needs it most’.
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How it works

Call your personal Care-Riing phone number
The conversation starts when your father or mother (with help from the care home) dials your personal Care-Riing phone number. No need for an internet connection or a computer. A phone is the only device you need. Use of an elderly phone with photo thumbnails, simplifies the start of a call and enables your father or mother to use it independent without the help of the care home.

And the conversation starts automatically
Hello mother.... how is the weather?
Well there is a lot of wind. And there are so many clouds. But no rain.
At what age did you meet dad??
Well I was young

Care-Riing responds to what is said
Hello mother.... how is the weather?
Well ok. But do you have plans to pick me up?
I am in the office now. Tonight I’m coming by, to where you are now.
O that’s great!

Insights into conversations
You can keep track of the conversations: how often, what day, which time. You can even play back the recording. It always feels good when you hear your mother have an engaging conversation about important family memories or sing along with her favorite music.

In 3 steps Care-Riing is ready to help you