Why Care-Riing?

Always available for a pleasant conversation
Care-Riing is specially developed for people in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease living in a care home. Dementia is a complex disease, where the need for safety and reassurance can continually be present through a conversation with a known person.

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How it works?

Call your personal Care-Riing phone number
The conversation starts when your father or mother (with help from the care home) dials your personal Care-Riing phone number. No need for an internet connection or a computer. A phone is the only device you need. Use of an elderly phone with photo thumbnails, simplifies the start of a call and enables your father or mother to use it independent without the help of the care home.

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  • Meia Broekmans
    A familiar voice responds to what Mrs. is saying. It’s like an intelligent answering machine. Mrs. feels understood and safe hearing the familiar voice of her son.
    Meia Broekmans
    Psychologist | Pieter van Foreest
  • Nurse
    Tonight after diner Mrs. became very anxious, and ‘called’ via this phone. She had a real conversation and it seemed like a real call with her son. After the phone call Mrs. became much more relaxed, and she hung up her coat. The remaining evening she stayed in phase green.
    Pieter van Foreest - Care Home
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I wish more happy moments for my mother. The world around here is confusing. She loses grip. Hearing the voice of a close family member helps her cope with this.

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